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Studies Show That Your Conversion Rates ROCKET To As Much As 40% When You Use Inbound Phone Calls For Your Lead Generation.

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Lead-Capture Videos - With Mind-Blowing Visuals And

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Bring Your Lead-Capture To Life With Amazing Interactive 
Lead-Capture Videos - With Mind-Blowing Visuals And

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Turn any piece of static content, any image, lead magnet and so much more into a dynamic phone call lead generation system in just # steps:

Step #1: Choose Your Content & Upload To The Connect System

Step #2: Your Viewers Click The Phone Number On Your (Apparently Static!) Content…And…

Step #3: BOOM! Your Viewer Calls You Right Away And You - Not Only Get The Hottest Leads Online Calling YOU - But You ALSO Capture Their Valuable Data Like Their Name, Number & Email Address AUTOMATICALLY.

So you now own the most valuable data on the market (their phone number plus their email) and you can follow up whenever you like! Making retargeting & resales a breeze! And giving you even greater control of your customers and profits.

No-Risk | Strictly One-Time Offer For New Smart LeadBuster Customers ONLY | Regular Price $197/m Or $997/yr.


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Build & Collect Call Leads & Buyer’s Email Addresses On Autopilot:

Not only does Connect connect you directly with buyers, it also helps you to AUTOMATICALLY collect valuable data on your leads. When a buyer clicks on your Connect video, not only do you automatically get their number, you also get their email address and name too.

Get Notified On How Quickly You’re Building Your List

With Connect you’ll be notified every time someone is added to your list - so you can celebrate with a little ping!

Magic Link ReMixer - Takes Any Link & Turns It Into A Lead Getter:

With Connect, you can
Link Remixer - turns any link into a “Connect” lead generation system

All DFY Animated Contact Templates:

These help you craft amazing animated call-collecting videos like THESE in just a few clicks.

DFY Click-To-Call Forms:

Choose from a ton of stunning styles and designs to make the most eye-catching, call-grabbing videos you can. With clickable CTAs and attention-getting animations - you’ll be building your list quicker than you can count!

Connect Connect To Thousands Of Other Tools: 

With Zapier integration, your Connect system will seamlessly work in tandem with thousands of other tools like these:


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Free (responsive & interactive) Connect Templates

Make responsive, interactive call-getting videos within just minutes with Connect! Your Bonus Library is jam-packed with up-to-date templates ready to make 2022 your most successful year yet. Customize once — use always!

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